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Bis-Core is a versatile core build-up ideal for aesthetic or metal restorations.

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2 Syringe Package - 1 Syringe Dual-Cured Bis-Core Catalyst (5g), 1 Syringe Light-Cured Bis-Core Base (5g), Instructions
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2 Syringe Package Bis-Core: Opaque A-1730B

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2 Syringe Package Bis-Core: Natural A-1730NB

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4 Syringe Package - 2 Syringes Dual-Cured Bis-Core Catalyst (5g ea.), 2 Syringes Light-Cured Bis-Core Base (5g ea.), Instructions
Item SKU#
4 Syringe Package Bis-Core: Opaque A-1740B

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4 Syringe Package Bis-Core: Natural A-1740NB

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Dual-Cured Core Build-Up Composite

Bis-Core is a dual-curable, highly filled composite developed especially for core build-ups. For optimal performance in today's esthetic dental procedures, the catalyst paste is provided in two shades - Natural (C2) and Opaque, to meet all of the esthetic requirements of both conventional and esthetic fixed restorations.

Bis-Core’s excellent physical properties produce an extremely hard and fatigue resistant core which is readily identified on a radiograph and easily prepared.

Bis-Core can be light-cured in a single-paste sculptable consistency, or mixed with catalyst making it a dual-cured, high-viscosity syringeable core material. The base/catalyst ratio can be varied to adjust work time and set time.

Unique Benefits

  • Dual-cured composite with an adaptable working time
  • Available in two radiopaque shades which allows for both conventional and esthetic fixed restorations

Clinical Significance

  • Dual-cured, highly filled, radiopaque composite exhibits excellent retention and resistance to compressive forces
  • Ideal for use with fiber posts
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