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Sheri B. Doniger, DDS

Practice Management - The Elephant in the Curriculum

As we begin a series of two articles on Practice Management, the focus will be on the fact we, as dentists, never received any (or minimal) Practice Management courses during our dental school years. If you graduated prior to the last decade, practice management was not even a blip on the curricular horizon. With the need to include all the basic sciences, building clinical skills and learning how to interact with patients, the proverbial cart was full.

Sheri B. Doniger, DDS

Practice Management - Creating a Successful Team

A dentist is the leader of the practice. She/he serves as a role model and a mentor. Part of this ability to lead the team to the desired outcomes or practice goal is excellent communication. Leaders communicate in a variety of ways. Some dictate and some collaborate. One style of communication will earn more respect and “followers” than the other.


TheraCem - The Next Generation Cement

Indirect restorative materials have evolved rapidly over the past few years, providing clinicians with a variety of options to better serve their patients. However, more choices in the substrate material often result in more steps in the cementation protocol, usually with specific and additional procedures that address the peculiarities of the chosen material.


Adhesion Dentistry 101

In 1955, Michael Buonocore, DDS docu¬mented the use of phosphoric acid to improve adhesion of resin to dental enamel. Since Dr. Buonocore’s observation, adhesion dentistry has played an important role in the evolution of dentistry. Bonding proce¬dures are performed by dentists every day, ranging from bonding orthodontic brackets to delivering stunning porcelain veneers. Because adhesion dentistry is such an indispensable part of the day to day practice of dentistry, a review of its principles w


Post & Core: An Essential and Time Proven Procedure

Why are posts still relevant, especially when implants are so readily available? Knowing when to place a post and core build-up versus extraction, possibly socket preservation with a bone graft, and subsequent implant placement and restoration can be a challenging task, and often an ethical dilemma. With the advent of implants and their known longevity, has the profession been too quick to deem a tooth hopeless or non-restorable?


TheraCal LC- Over 5 million restorations later: Are you getting the most of it?

After more than five years of extensive research and development, TheraCal LC was made available to clinicians in November 2011. It has been estimated that in the past three years, over five million restorations have been placed using TheraCal LC as a direct or indirect pulp capping material! TheraCal LC as a direct or indirect pulp capping material! The popularity and rapid growth of this product has certainly surprised BISCO, launching it to be one of their top selling products.


Universal Adhesives - The Evolution Continues for the Ideal Adhesive

In 2012, dental manufacturers started introducing new “universal” adhesives, which could be used as a total-etch (TE) and self-etch (SE) adhesive, and claimed it could replace all previous generations of adhesives. Ideally, the dream adhesive would satisfy the following criteria:


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BISCO makes it EASY with eCEMENT

The benefits of a beautiful smile are more valuable than ever! Laboratory milling/pressing of esthetic crowns and veneers is trending toward replacing traditional metal cast crowns thereby satisfying the patient’s desire for more esthetically – pleasing restorations. The hidden beauty of these restorations is they can be sealed to enamel/dentin leading to improved strength, longer last­ing beauty and margins that merge with the tooth!

Results: 21 Articles found.
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