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Resinomer is a dual-cured composite with viscosity and flow characteristics that make it ideal for bonded amalgam restorations, as a dental liner and as a luting cement.

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Dual-Syringe - 1 Dual-Syringe (8g), Accessories, Instructions
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Dual-Syringe Package: Resinomer D-43020P

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2-Syringe Package - 1 Syringe Base (4g), 1 Syringe Catalyst (4g), Accessories, Instructions
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2-Syringe Package: Resinomer D-4310R

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1 Dual-Syringe Dispenser (for use with dual-syringes) L-22020P

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Dual-Syringe Static Mixing Tip Refills (30) X-81252P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing Tips and Intraoral Tips (30) X-81257P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing and Root Canal Tips (30) X-81267P

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Metal Bonding/Luting Cement
Resinomer is a dual-cured glass filled (57%) composite with flow characteristics that make it the ideal liner, luting agent, or adhesive agent for bonded amalgam restorations. Resinomer is intended for use with 4th or 5 th generation adhesive systems. Because of the unique chemistry of Resinomer, refrigeration is necessary to ensure a full shelf-life.

Unique Benefits:

  • Resinomer provides a highly effective seal against microleakage1
  • Bonds amalgam to tooth structure with bond strengths approaching 20 MPa
  • Radiopaque material is easily identified on radiographs
  • Metal luting agent to provide bonding of fixed metal restorations
  • Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste

Clinical Significance:

  • Ideal for luting crowns over implant abutments
  • The hydrophilic monomers used in Resinomer are based on the All-Bond 2® chemistry and promote adhesion to dental metals. Chemical adhesion occurs between the metallic surface and diarylsulfone dimethacrylate (DSDM), one of the monomers present in Resinomer. The metal bonding capability provides an exceptional environment for bonded amalgam restorations.

1. CRA Newsletter, February 1994, Adhesives, Silver Amalgam.

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