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Ace All-Bond SE is a unique, all-in-one bonding system that lets you etch, prime and bond in one simple application.

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Ace All-Bond SE
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4 Ace All-Bond SE Cartridges (2ml ea.), Accessories, Instructions U-30201P

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Ace All-Bond SE Bottles
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1 Bottle ea. All-Bond SE PARTS I & II (6ml ea.), Accessories, Instructions U-3010P

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All-Bond SE Liner
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1 Bottle All-Bond SE Liner (4ml), Instructions U-3015P

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1 Ace Dispenser, 1 Mixing Well, Instructions U-30220P

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Reusable Mixing Wells (12) X-80498B

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Disposable Mixing Wells (48, single well) X-80497P

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Self-Etch Adhesive
All-Bond SE* has set a new standard in self-etch bonding. All-Bond SE is a light-cured, self-etching adhesive that combines etching, priming and bonding in one application.

All-Bond SE can be used as a single-step bonding agent, or the unique radiopaque liner can be used for larger restorations that require reinforced durability. Unlike most current self-etch adhesives, All-Bond SE is fully compatible with light-, self- and dual-cured materials without the use of additional activators. All-Bond SE makes self-etch dental bonding more reliable, more flexible and more compatible with today’s restorative options.

All-Bond SE is also available in convenient cartridges for use with the Ace dispenser. Ace is the patented* easy-to-use delivery system that eliminates steps without compromising bond strength.

Unique Benefits

  • Ace dispenser for All-Bond SE combines etching, priming, and bonding into one easy step
  • A truly compatible self-etch adhesive that bonds to self- and dual-cured materials without the use of an additional activator
  • All-Bond SE helps to prevent patients from experiencing post-operative sensitivity
  • All-Bond SE Liner is hydrophobic, acting as an additional barrier in preventing permeability of the bonded interface
  • All-Bond SE Liner is radiopaque, allowing visibility on radiographs in areas where adhesives commonly pool, reducing the risk of misdiagnosing caries
  • All-Bond SE turns pink when mixed for added confidence and predictability

Clinical Significance

  • Low film thickness and proprietary chemistry enables All-Bond SE to be used for indirect applications
  • Ace takes the guesswork out of every procedure by accurately dispensing the correct proportion of material with the click of a button

* Patent Pending. U.S. Patent 7,748,980

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What advantages does ACE ALL-BOND SE offer over other self etch adhesives?

  • Convenient, predictable dispensing
  • One component simplicity with two component stability
  • Combines etching, priming and bonding into one simple application
  • Compatible with all curing methods, without additional activators
  • Can be used for indirect applications (low film thickness)
  • All-Bond SE is clear when applied and turns PINK when mixed - added confidence with color indicator

Do I need to refrigerate the ALL-BOND SE?
To achieve the maximum shelf life, All-Bond SE Adhesive (Parts I & II bottles or Ace All-Bond SE cartridges) should be refrigerated (2°C/36°F - 8°C/46°F). Refrigeration is not required if the product is depleted within sixty days. Refrigerate Ace All-Bond SE cartridge in its sealed pouch. Do not open pouch until ready to use. Allow refrigerated Ace All-Bond SE cartridge to reach room temperature before use. If refrigerating a partially used cartridge, it should be kept in the Ace dispenser.

What is the shelf life of the ALL-BOND SE bottles?
2 years

What is the shelf life of the ACE ALL-BOND SE cartridges?
1.5 years

How should I disinfect my ACE Dispenser?
Use surface disinfectant spray or wipes recommended for All-Bond SE, PVC and polycarbonate (PC) plastics according to manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid direct contact of disinfection solution with the adhesive material at the cartridge tips. Do not submerge or autoclave.

Do I have to shake the ALL-BOND SE prior to use?

How long can I use ALL-BOND SE after dispensing?
All-Bond SE is a light-cured material. Use All-Bond SE adhesive immediately once it is dispensed in the mixing well, or protect from ambient light.

Why should ALL-BOND SE be agitated during the application?
Agitation is important and will aid the clinician in properly incorporating the adhesive within the smear layer. As you agitate you also neutralize, raising the pH, this enables you to achieve a better cure and increases the quality of the adhesion.

Should ALL-BOND SE be applied on uncut enamel?
For best results, etch any uncut enamel with phosphoric acid etchant using the “Selective Etch Technique”.

Should ALL-BOND SE be applied on sclerotic dentin?
For best results, etch sclerotic dentin with phosphoric acid etchant.

What is the “Selective Etch Technique”?
Selective etch is a technique where uncut enamel margins are etched with phosphoric acid to ensure a strong bond to the enamel surface while preserving the benefits of self-etch on dentin.

Can ALL-BOND SE be light cured by LED?
Yes, the photoinitiator in All-Bond SE is camphorquinone (CQ), which is compatible with all dental curing lights.

How many seconds does it take to cure ALL-BOND SE with a halogen and LED light?
10 seconds

Can a different applicator be used?
Yes. All-Bond SE contains all components, including orange microbrushes. However, you may use any other applicator that is ethanol resistant.

How thick is the adhesive layer of the ALL-BOND SE?
The film thickness of All-Bond SE is only 5-10 µm. This makes the adhesive ideal for use under all indirect restorations.

Why are the majority of self-etching adhesives not indicated for use with self -& dual-cured materials?
Self-etch adhesives are highly acidic, due to their self-etching nature, and therefore many are not recommended to be used with self-cured composites or luting cements.

The adhesion of auto-/dual-cured composites may be improved with the adjunctive use of ternary catalysts that offset the acid-base incompatibility between acidic methacrylate monomers and tertiary amines. All-Bond SE has such a catalyst incorporated into the adhesive system, allowing it to be fully compatible with all self- & dual-cured materials.

Why am I able to use ALL-BOND SE with self- & dual-cured materials?
The adhesion of auto-/dual-cured composites may be improved with the adjunctive use of ternary catalysts that offset the acid-base incompatibility between acidic methacrylate monomers and tertiary amines. All-Bond SE has such a catalyst incorporated into the adhesive system allowing it to be fully compatible with all self- & dual-cured materials.

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