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ACE ALL-BOND TE TOTAL-ETCH ADHESIVE - Faster & Easier Bonding Without Compromising Bond Strength or Durability


At BISCO, adhesion is our passion and we provide clinicians with the materials needed to build a solid, successful foundation from the bottom up. We understand that the bonding agent you select plays a significant role in the retention, maintenance and marginal sealing of the bonded interface. With this in mind, BISCO is proud to introduce a total-etch breakthrough, ACE® ALL-BOND TE™.

ACE ALL-BOND TE is the first universal dual-cure total-etch bonding agent in dentistry that allows you to prime and bond in one application. ACE ALL-BOND TE chemistry is based on proven ALL-BOND 3® technology: an ethanol-based, dual-cured, total-etch adhesive. ACE ALL-BOND TE combines outstanding performance, versatility and durability.

ACE ALL-BOND TE is packaged in an innovative cartridge for use in the ACE Dispenser, which proportionately dispenses Parts A & B, offering the benefits of a two-component adhesive with the simplicity of a one-bottle system.

Adhesion is Our Passion

Most research on permeability of adhesives has shown that 2-layer adhesives (both total-etch and self-etch) are more durable. Permeability of most traditional 1-layer adhesives require the use of a 2nd layer of a hydrophobic resin over the adhesive. A well-known example of this research1 concluded that 1-layer self-etch adhesives are acidic, hydrophilic and permeable, even after polymerization, and a 2nd layer (neutral, hydrophobic resin) applied over single layer adhesives improved the long term stability of the bond (Figure 1). It also concluded that 3-step, etch-and-rinse adhesives remain the “gold standard” in terms of adhesive durability.


Figure 1: Shows the adhesive layers for a 2-layer
adhesive (left) and a 1-layer adhesive (right)

Based on research, BISCO developed ALL-BOND 3 and ACE ALL-BOND SE® (self-etch) with the “ideal adhesive” in mind. BISCO made the adhesive as hydrophobic as possible, incorporating a patented highly cross-linking monomer to achieve optimal polymerization density, as well as making the adhesive compatible with self cure materials.

The problem with 1-layer adhesives is that they are permeable, allowing water molecules to penetrate through the cured adhesive layer, which interferes with the durability of the bond (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Shows the permeability of
a 1-layer adhesive

BISCO was able to utilize the resin concept that was created with BisCover™, a liquid polish resin that is able to cure without an oxygen inhibited layer. How? Fundamentally the BisCover chemistry was designed so that the resin would cure faster than oxygen could react with the surface, creating a highly cross-linked cured resin glaze. The same concept was utilized in the development of ALL-BOND 3 (ACE ALL-BOND TE), to inhibit water molecules from flowing through the adhesive to achieve improved durability. BISCO theorized that the same results could be obtained. How could this theory be proven?

No Resin Layer

Needed BISCO’s 6 year study of ALL-BOND 3 (ACE ALL-BOND TE) shows stable, high bond strengths with or without a resin layer (Table 1). This is explained by the addition of patented highly cross-linking multifunctional monomers within ALL-BOND 3 (ACE ALL-BOND TE) primers that create instant hydrophobicity upon polymerization, eliminating the need for an additional placement of a resin layer (Figure 3). Incorporating a highly cross-linking monomer into ALL-BOND 3 (ACE ALL-BOND TE) and ACE ALL-BOND SE adhesives improved hydrolytic stability of the cured adhesive and eliminates the need to apply an additional resin layer. A 1-layer adhesive is durable! This provides a significant time savings for the clinician and eliminates concerns of film thickness issues.


Table 1: BISCO’s 6 year study of ALL-BOND 3 (ACE ALL-BOND TE)
shows stable, high bond strengths with or without a resin layer


Figure 3: Cross-linking monomers eliminate
the need for a hydrophobic bonding resin layer

Total-Etch Simplified

The incorporation of cross-linking monomers coupled with the innovative ACE dispenser offers a compatible, single-drop, dual-cured, total-etch adhesive with proven BISCO quality. Performance will not be sacrificed with ACE ALL-BOND TE’s simplified bonding agent.

1. DeMunck, et.al. A Critical Review of the Durability of Adhesion to Tooth Tissue: Methods And Results. J Dent Res 84(2): 118-132, 2005.

2. Alessandra Reis, DDS, PhD, Diego MÂnica, Franciele Ferneda, Roberto Amaral, DDS, MS, Rodrigo Stanislawczuk, DDS, MS, Adriana Manso, DDS, MS, Ricardo Marins de Carvalho, DDS, PhD & Alessandro D. Loguercio, DDS, MS, PhD. A 24-month randomized clinical trial of a two- and three-step etch-and-rinse technique. Am J Dent. 2010 Aug;23(4).

June 2011 BisDent Globe, Volume XV, Issue I


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