Aqua-Prep™ F

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Aqua-Prep F is a rewetting agent to be used prior to the application of total-etch adhesive systems.

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Aqua-Prep F
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1 Bottle Aqua-Prep F (6ml), Instructions B-2822P

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1 Bottle Aqua-Prep F (30ml), Instructions B-2824P

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Fluoridated Rewetting and Desensitizing Agent
Studies show that when dentin has been etched, rinsed and over-dried, bond strengths and sealing potential of some adhesives are compromised. When dentin is treated with Aqua-Prep F, these same adhesive systems perform better. Aqua-Prep F provides an ideal amount of moisture, thus allowing for better penetration of primer and resin and eliminating the sensitivity associated with bonding to over-dried dentin.

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