C&B™ Cement

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C&B Cement is a self-cured crown and bridge luting resin cement.

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Dual-Syringe - 1 Dual-Syringe (8g), Accessories, Instructions
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Dual-Syringe - Opaque B-22110P

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Dual-Syringe - Natural B-22210P

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1 Dual-Syringe Dispenser (for use with dual-syringes) L-22020P

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Dual-Syringe Static Mixing Tip Refills (30) X-81252P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing Tips and Intraoral Tips (30) X-81257P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing and Root Canal Tips (30) X-81267P

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Crown and Bridge Luting Cement
C&B Cement is a self-cured crown and bridge luting resin cement to be used with an adhesive system. It has viscosity and flow characteristics that make it ideal for indirect restorations that include metal crowns, bridges (including Maryland), inlays, onlays, fiber and metal posts.

Unique Benefits:

  • Low viscosity aids in seating restoration completely
  • Working time is adjustable by varying the ratio of Base and Catalyst allowing for accurate placement
  • When used with BISCO’s adhesives, it will bond to metal, treated porcelain, and the tooth structure
  • Auto-mix dual-syringe guarantees a perfect mix, easy placement and limited waste

Clinical Significance:

  • C&B Opaque is best for metal crowns, inlays, onlays and restorations such as Maryland Bridges which require masking underlying metal and a faster set.
  • C&B Natural is recommended for esthetic restorations requiring a natural tooth shade beneath the restoration
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