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Does Dentistry Now Have the Ideal Core Material?

Figure 1: Restoration requires post and core treatment.

Submitted by: Douglas J. Brown, DDS
Images courtesy of Dr. Michael Morgan


Self-cure core pastes and light-cured hybrid composites lack the combination of flow, strength and void-free adhesive interfaces required in esthetic restorative dentistry. The current economics of dental practice and time constraints by our patients are causing dentists to demand that core materials offer the versatility of post cementation, traditional core rehabilitation as well as low shrink dentin replacement. BISCO’s CORE-FLO DC formula was inspired by dentists. CORE-FLO DC is a dual-cure, fluoride-containing dentin replacement material offering convenient automix delivery. Resistance and retention form can now be predictably created using the latest in resin technology.

Dual-Cure Confidence – Infinite cure

Dual-cure chemistry offers the clinician the flexibility of extended working times, quick light-cure setting times and the confidence of polymerization when working in areas of diminished light accessibility such as post canals, deep preparations and undercuts.

Strong, Consistent Bond Strength

Strong bonds between dentin/enamel and core materials are critical to resist intraoral forces exerted by both the restorative procedure in addition to the final restoration. Poor adhesion will result in leakage, water sorption and potential failure. BISCO prides itself in creating self-etch adhesive systems such as ALL-BOND SE®, and total-etch systems such ALL-BOND 3® and ONE-STEP® that are synergistically compatible, provide superior bonds to resist forces and prevent leakage while providing the practitioner the ultimate in adhesive confidence.



Figure 2: Apply SELECT HV® ETCH w/BAC or UNI-ETCH® w/BAC to the canal,
then apply ONE-STEP.


Figure 3: Restoration requires post and core treatment.


with color-on-command technology is seated.


Catalyst Activated Technology

BISCO’s proprietary catalyst activated technology predictably guarantees a high degree of conversion in both self-cure and light-cure modes, providing instant compressive and flexural strength to resist intraoral forces. CORE-FLO DC’s stable catalyst chemistry provides confidence in dimensional stability and minimal potential for water sorption and solubility.


Figure 5: CORE-FLO DC is easily manipulated to create cores quickly.


Figure 6: Dentin-mimicking strength allows for immediate preparation. 
ONE-STEP compatibility creates long-lasting bonds.


The CORE-FLO DC System offers practical pricing with universal applications. CORE-FLO DC’s ease of handling, automix delivery, fluoride containing 3-shade formula and addition of adhesive insures predictable, long lasting esthetic results. Restore with confidence using CORE-FLO DC by BISCO.

To learn more view a video demo.

November 2011 BisDent Globe, Volume XV, Issue II


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