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Friday, October 26, 2018

Composites, Adhesives & Restorative Materials: What to Use When"

All Day Event


1060 Main Street Suite 201
River Edge, NJ , 07661

The New Jersey Health Professionals Development Institute is proud to present Dr. Gary Alex.

Direct composites, adhesives, liners and bases, pulp capping materials, latest cementation techniques, bonding to e.max and zirconia, the best way to place porcelain veneers, light polymerization optimization and much more! Materials and techniques that will allow you to do better, more predictable and more profitable dentistry!

Course Description:

Direct composites and other bonded restorations are the "bread and butter" of the majority of general dental practices. The successful placement of these restorations requires an understanding of the materials being utilized, the substrate being bonded to, and a logical and precise clinical protocol. This fast-paced program will share with you very specific techniques and guidelines based on the latest research, materials, and adhesives that will make placing direct composite as well as in-direct ceramic restorations more predictable and profitable. Many of the controversies and confusion surrounding adhesive and composite dentistry will be discussed.​

Topics To Be Discussed Include: 

  • Understanding the dynamics of composite polymerization…how do you minimize polymerization shrinkage stress?
  • Understanding different adhesive systems and how to optimize their performance.
  • How to achieve predictable interproximal contacts with direct composite.
  • Understanding different placement techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Resin modified glass ionomers, flowable composites,“bioactive” materials…Do you need them? If so what do you use 
  • where?
  • "Bulk Cure” composites…good or bad?
  • “Sonic” fill systems…What’s the story?
  • Minimizing post-operative sensitivity.
  • Bonding lights…your best friend or your worst enemy?
  • Fast or slow polymerization…does it really matter? 
  • MMP inhibition…the next adhesive paradigm?
  • When are you better off with an indirect restoration?
  • Which cements should you use where?
  • E.max and zirconia…which should you use and how should you place them?
  • The best way to place porcelain veneers.

Visit https://www.njhpdi.com/2018-courses.html for more information.


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