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Friday, May 15, 2020

Just do it...Better

All Day Event


Bay de Noc Community College
2001 North Lincoln Road
Escanaba, MI , 49829

The Bay de Noc Community College and BISCO are proud to present Dr. Susan McMahon.

Just Do It Better

Solutions for better restorations, better workflow and better well being for dentists and teams using today’s technology, materials, techniques and equipment.

As clinicians we all have challenges in our daily practice lives:

  • Are there procedures that stress out you and your team?
  • Do your indirect restorations seat and seal every time?
  • Do you have inconsistent contacts with cl 2 restorations?  
  • Do you get good esthetic outcomes with your directs and indirects on anteriors?
  • How’s your communication with patients and case acceptance?
  • How do you decide what new composite, cement, adhesive, glass ionomer, bioactive material choose?
  • What technology fits best in your practice and your budget?
  • Is chair time being used as efficiently and effectively as you would like?

Solutions to these and other challenges will be provided by going step by step through clinical cases.  Using scanners, lasers, diagnostic cameras, handpieces, new restorative materials, new finishing techniques and simple tricks, your everyday procedures will be better.

A New Generation for Cosmetic Dentistry: Delivering the Selfie Ready Smile for Teenagers and Young Adults.

Appearance and self-esteem have long been intertwined. So, as our social media and selfie culture continues to grow, it’s no surprise that more and more young people and adolescents are seeking out cosmetic dentistry as a way to enhance their appearances. The dental world has taken notice and we need to respond with conservative ways to satisfy our younger patient’s desires for ideal smiles. This 3 part course will cover all treatments from ultraconservative enamel enhancements through minimal preparation veneers. Discover the secrets to identifying patient’s cosmetic desires and learn effective yet sensitive dialogue for case acceptance. Boost their confidence and Boost your Bottomline.

Part 1:
Enamel enhancements: Visible White Lesion (VWL) removal, Brown staining removal, Whitening and Whitening Combination treatments.

Direct composite bonding. Finishing techniques for beautiful surface texture and anatomy. Diastema Closure. Additive finessing of the smile. Easy Direct Composite Veneers.

Gingival sculpting for framing the smile.

Applied Smile Design. Combining individual tooth, gingival and global smile treatments.

Part 2:
Indirect restorations: Minimal preparation veneers. Ceramic Choices. Multiple case studies. Step by step from diagnosing to planning to prepping to lab communication to provisionalization to insertion for minimal prep veneer case. Building on Part 1 Applied Smile Design combine gingival sculpting, whitening, direct restorations, and veneers.

Attaining the look the patients desire while achieving beautiful natural looking smiles.

Part 3:
Trauma restoration: Emergency evaluation, preparation, record taking, provisionalization and cosmetic restoration of the fractured anterior tooth. We are all presented with emergency patients from sports injuries, car accidents, falls, fights, etcetera. When these emergency patients call, we want to accommodate the patient’s needs and but not have our schedules sent into a tailspin.

Learning Objectives:

  • Give confidence to recognize and assess cosmetic desires on younger patients  
  • Develop clinical skills for comprehensively diagnosing and conservatively enhancing younger smiles
  • Attain step by step protocol for applied smile design combination treatment


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