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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society presents Dr. Jack Griffin

Time TBD


Santa Barbara-Ventura County Dental Society presents "Planning to Preparation to Placement" with Dr. Jack Griffin.

Planning to Preparation to Placement....Perfecting the Art of Cosmetic Porcelain Restorations.


Porcelain restorations are the standard in cosmetic dentistry and in this day of heightened cosmetic awareness, we are held to higher cosmetic standards than at any time in dental history. Often the choice in materials, preparation styles, temporization, and lab communication can lead to confusion, stress, and less than ideal results. How can we prevent breakage, de-bonding, and simplify placement? Focus will be on efficiency in each of these areas to make aesthetic porcelain restorations both stress free and rewarding. This program is intended for any dentist or staff interested in maximizing office efficiency and taking the stress out of success esthetic porcelain cases. 

The format will be a high energy, interactive lecture going through many actual clinical cases. The emphasis will be on anterior/cosmetic cases but we will also discuss choices in posterior tooth colored indirect restorations that are giving us more success than any restorations since gold. Anterior cases will be taken from planning, mock up, preparation, impression taking, temporization, lab communication, and cementation. Our goal is to take the anxiety out of each of these steps and to increase your efficiency with these materials. We will review cases where things didn’t work out so well and what to do when these problems arise. This is a comprehensive course covering current concepts in esthetic restorative materials to use in any cosmetic and general dentistry practice…what works today!

Lecture outline:

  1. Great new materials…how and when to use them: lithium disilicate, zirconia, pressed
  2. What materials work and look best for posterior and anterior restorations, what DOESN’T work
  3. Understanding the basics of smile design, cosmetic case planning and preparation
  4. Steps is insure luting/cementation success… what and how to use
  5. Preparations for success … minimal preparation that will help insure success
  6. Using excellent digital photography for lab communication and plan the cosmetic case
  7. Efficient mock ups, hassle-free temporaries, stress-free cementation
  8. Anterior tooth replacement: using veneer principles for great results

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