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Friday, November 08, 2019 - Sunday, November 10, 2019

Selection of Cements for Maximizing Clinical Success

All Day Event


We invite you to attend Dr. Byoung I Suh's lecture at the ConsAsia 2019.

When placing indirect restorations, what are your cementation options? Should you bond or cement the restoration? If you bond, is your adhesive compatible with your dual-cured resin cement? What are the potential benefits of using a self-adhesive cement?

Answers to these questions, and other adhesion and restorative principles will be addressed and provide you with the knowledge to help facilitate material selection for better and simplified cementation, and ultimately, successful long-term restorations. The issues of adhesion incompatibility with some composites/cements, and the differences between dual-cured luting cements on the market will be explained. Research shows that not all dual-cured cements are equal. Depending on the material, light–curing may or may not be necessary to achieve the highest degree of conversion. However, with some cements, light-curing may or may not inhibit the self-cure mechanism. How can you effectively bond your indirect restorations and insure that your dual cure cement is completely polymerized?

In this lecture, articipants will learn optimal cementation protocols, including how to select the proper materials & techniques when bonding different types of indirect restorations like porcelain and zirconia. Cementation options, including when to bond and when to cement, and the potential benefits of using a calcium silicate self-adhesive cement, will be explained.

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