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Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Art and Science of Fixed Prosthetics

All Day Event


The Montana AGD is proud to present "The Art and Science of Fixed Prosthetics – From Basic to Complex" with Dr. Robert Lowe

Lecture and Hands-On Course:

In today’s world, the clinical practice of restorative dentistry is a very exciting and challenging endeavor for the “wet gloved practitioner.” Consistent, predictable, clinical techniques to create quality dental restorations in a time efficient manner form the basis of every procedure that we perform for our patients. Sound fundamentals in tooth preparation, impression making, provisionalization, and delivery will help the dentist deliver high quality restorations to his or her patients.

In this technique filled seminar, Dr. Lowe will teach you the techniques you need to refine your clinical skills to a level that will help you create “world class” quality. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

1. “World Class” Crown and Bridge

  • Morphology and Occlusion based on the teaching and philosophy of Dr. Harold M. Shavell – A Basis For All Dentistry
  • A review of preparation design and tissue management for perfect master impressions
  • Biologic provisionalization for full coverage restorations
  • Cementation protocols for total etch and conventional cements

2. The Perio-Aesthetic Connection to Prosthetic Dentistry

  • Softtissuerecontouringusingdiodelasers
  • Biologic width: A discussion of the position of the alveolar crest relative to the restorative margin
  • Biologicwidthcorrectionusingalltissuelasers
  • Spatial repositioning in the aesthetic zone

3. Creative Treatment Planning: When It Doesn’t Go By The Book

  • Creativesolutionsforcomplexaestheticandfunctional problems.
  • Prosthetic tooth repositioning and “orthodontic” tooth preparation
  • Openbiterestorationwithoutsurgicalintervention?

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate in a detailed step-by-step fashion, procedures that if practiced can impact on your ability to deliver an improved level of artistic and functional dentistry in your practice tomorrow!

Course Objectives:

  1. To discuss and differentiate all ceramic restorative options for different clinical situations.
  2. To review preparation requirements for all ceramic systems
  3. To learn the importance of biologic provisionalization in overall case management
  4. To learn a proven reliable technique for “flawless” master impression making.
  5. To learn a cementation protocol for reliable placement and occlusal adjustment during delivery of definitive restorations
  6. To learn some “creative” ways to plan and treat complex aesthetic and functional problems.

You Will Learn Hands-On:

  1. Anatomic tooth preparation for full coverage e.max and zirconia restorations.
  2. How to handle tooth preparation for the “crowded arch” to predictably create aligned restorations that have the proper restoration contour and position, yet control excessive tooth reduction. 

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