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Friday, November 01, 2019

The Marriage of Esthetics, Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry

All Day Event


Holiday Inn Portsmouth
300 Woodbury Ave
Portsmouth, NH , 07661

(603) 431-8000

The Seacost Esthetic Dentistry Association and BISCO are proud to present Dr. Gary Alex.

Course Description:

It is one thing to be able to make pretty teeth, and an entirely different thing to make pretty teeth that actually last and function in harmony with the rest of the masticatory system. An acceptable cosmetic result, without regard for function and/or parafunction, will often result in premature case failure. This requires a practical understanding of fundamental occlusal principles, materials, and more importantly, just how to use them.

Just what is the difference between centric relation (CR), centric occlusion (CO), and maximum intercuspation (MIP)? How do you know what to use where? This program will stress the concept of comprehensive dentistry and show how to predictably treatment plan and provide dentistry ranging from porcelain veneers to complex full-mouth reconstructions. A number of clinical cases will be shown and discussed.

Topics To Be Discussed Include:

  • Envisioning the big picture (total dentistry for total success)
  • Cosmetics and occlusion (it looks great, but will it last?)
  • The comprehensive exam (the place to start)
  • Anatomy and diagnosis of the TMJ (occlusion begins here)
  • Introduction to occlusal science (force be with you?)
  • Facebow transfers (why and how)
  • Centric relation bite records (bilateral manipulation, Lucia Jigs, Leaf gauges, and more!)
  • Esthetics and function (why you must have both to be successful)
  • How to approach a full mouth reconstruction (CR? MIP? NM?)
  • When to use CR...when not to!
  • Vertical dimension - How do you determine where it should be?
  • Neuromuscular occlusion (fact or fiction?)
  • Effective lab communication (critical key to success!)

This course will prepare you to confidently and successfully treat larger or more comprehensive cases.

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