Micro Tensile Tester

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Research is no longer limited to laboratory time or testing areas with the Micro Tensile Tester. It is inexpensive, portable and easy to use research tool for measuring the bond strength of dental adhesives.

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The Mirco Tensile Tester is designed to test 1mm x 1mm cross sectional samples of composites bonded to tooth and is used as a research tool to measure the bond strength of dental adhesives.

Kit Contents
• 2 Micro Tensile Tester Test Jaws
• 1 Test Bed
• 1 Force Gauge
• 1 ZAPIT™* Adhesive Introductory Kit
• 10 Polycarbonate Blocks for Holding and Cutting

• Sample Bars
• 2 Syringes LIGHT-CORE™ Shade: BLUE (5g ea.)
• 1 AC to DC Power Adapter

• 100-240V AC
• 1 User Manual

To organize a demonstration of this unit and for pricing please call 1-800-247-3368 or 1-847-534-6000.

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