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Dual-Cured Opaquer is a specially formulated, resin-based opaquing agent used to mask dark shades of the metallic (non-precious, semi-precious and precious) framework of dental prostheses.

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Bottle - 1 Bottle Opaquer (3ml), Instructions
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Opaquer Catalyst B-2112Q

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Resin Based Metal Mask
BISCO’s Opaquer is a dual-cured opaquing agent designed for use in dental restorations or repair where it is necessary to mask or eliminate the appearance of metal. When used with a metal primer such as BISCO’s All-Bond 2®, an extremely effective bond is produced between metal and the composite.

  • Dual-cure allows initial curing to prevent slumping without affecting the chemical set.
  • Compatible with all resin-based dental composite materials.
  • Bonds to non-precious, semiprecious, and precious metals.
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