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BisBlock is specifically formulated to prevent intra-tubular fluid movement by forming oxalate crystals within the dentinal tubules, blocking fluid movement and relieving pain.

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Oxalate Dentin Desensitizer
BISCO’s patented* oxalate dentin desensitizer and its unique application technique are designed to prevent fluid movement in the dentinal tubules which causes dentin sensitivity1. When BisBlock is applied on etched and rinsed dentin, calcium oxalate crystals are formed only within the tubules, but not on the surface. Oxalate crystals within the tubules halt dentinal fluid movement and cannot be mechanically dislodged, thus preventing sensitivity. The dentin surface remains unobstructed to readily accept adhesive for ideally bonded restorations.

Unique Benefits:

  • Crystallization within the tubules resists dislodging without compromising bond strength
  • Deep penetration into the dentinal tubules to effectively BLOCK dentinal fluid movement
  • Safe for patient's tissue and pulp
  • Yellow viscous solution aids placement

Clinical Significance:

  • Used for desensitizing exposed root surfaces
  • Used for pretreatment of preparation prior to placement of direct restorations
  • An ideal procedure prior to placement of indirect restorations as it does not result in added film thickness


* U.S. Patents: 6,406,529 and 6,506,055 by Pashley et al.
1. Hydrodynamic theory--Brännström, 1966.

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