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Bisco One-Step / One-Step Plus


One-Step is a light-cured single component adhesives that, unlike others, bond to a multitude of dental substrates, including self-cured and dual-cured materials.

Item No: U-1102P


1 Bottle One-Step (6ml), Instructions

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What is the “filler” in One-Step Plus that One-Step doesn’t have?
One-Step Plus contains 8.5% filler with an average particle size of 1µm to help reduce post-operative sensitivity.  

Do either One-Step or One-Step Plus require an activator?
Neither One-Step or One-Step Plus requires an activator, as both designed to work with light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured composite materials in a single bottle system.

What is the film thickness of One-Step and One-Step Plus?
Both One-Step and One-Step Plus have a low film thickness of approximately 10µm to help ensure complete seating of the restoration.


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