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Should You Switch Adhesives – Even if You’re Satisfied?

bisco all bond universal

Paul L. Child Jr., DMD, CDT
Executive Vice President, BISCO Dental

The title of this brief article is one of the most common questions I am asked. Up until recently, my response was to ask the clinician if they were happy with the results they were obtaining. If they were, I’d recommend staying with their current adhesive, which may have been providing “acceptable” results. Often, I may have replied in jest, “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?” In retrospect, I now recognize how little I truly understood the importance of how a quality adhesive with superior characteristics impacted the longevity and success of the restoration.

During my tenure as CEO of CR Foundation (formerly CRA), many adhesives were tested exhaustively in-vitro and according to their characteristics. Options, cost per use, ease of use, and other physical properties were graded in the upmost ethical manner possible. However, what is most important – longevity (as it contributes to the restoration) – could not be graded without extensive clinical research. I recognized the difficulty of this task because it required years before an adhesive could be evaluated in-vivo and the many variables each patient contributed (such as caries risk, age, medical history, etc.) had to be considered as part of the research. Often, a new adhesive had already been introduced when the testing was published and the data was no longer relevant to the markets needs.

In response to this fast-paced, ever-changing adhesive arena, it has become the responsibility of each manufacturer to foresee shortcomings in previous products that may not have been visible during development. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide clinicians and their patients with products that increase the longevity of today’s restorations. Now having been further educated and having my foot in the best of all worlds (private practice, manufacturing, and research/evaluations), when I am asked if you should switch – my answer is a resounding “YES”! The next question I’m asked is what could be better than ALL-BOND 2® or ONE-STEP® (Plus) – they are proven? True, those products are excellent and have provided the backbone for the marketplace, yet, our new adhesive, ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL® (ABU), is the culmination of over 30 years of forward thinking research at BISCO. Yes, it’s better. Yes, it is more versatile. Yes, you should switch.

Like most, I am reluctant to switch products/materials once I have become accustomed to them. Until recently, my favorite adhesive had been ALL-BOND SE® and converting to ABU took some convincing and education on my behalf, but once I understood why it would be beneficial for me to switch, I quickly did so.


Whether I am delivering a zirconia crown or providing a MODBL resin-based composite, ABU can be used. If I want to use blue etch because I was taught to use that in dental school or to only etch the enamel margins or to eliminate it completely, ABU can be used. Confused by all the different crown substrates? ABU simplifies your choices and makes life easier! No more worrying about what bottle to use when and how. ABU offers increased compatibility in a single bottle adhesive.

Superior Chemistry

BISCO has uniquely formulated ABU to assist in extending the longevity of your restorations. Believe it or not, bonds can break down over time, leading to recurrent decay and/or failure of restorations. BISCO has recognized this and is actively pursuing chemical formulations that will allow you to provide restorations that are both beautiful and durable for not just a few years, but for decades.

Proven Success

I recall a survey that was conducted while I was at CR. At the time, we asked each respondent to rate the most important factors considered when selecting a company to purchase implants. Surprisingly, cost wasn’t a high consideration, but rather, proven success and longevity ranked highest followed by quality and simplicity. I believe these same factors are important when selecting an adhesive and a company to purchase from! For over 30 years, BISCO has been leading the industry with adhesive technology while developing tomorrow’s innovations. BISCO adhesives are continually known for their proven performance, outstanding bond strength and longevity. Coupled with our competitive pricing, you can’t go wrong when you select BISCO adhesives.

I’m proud to be a part of the BISCO family. I take pride in knowing our products are developed with integrity at the center of our operations. Our core values continue to guide us into the future and we promise to support you and your patients with only superior materials. Is it time to switch? Yes!

5 Reasons to Switch to ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®
Versatile, compatible and optimal

  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • One bottle for everything. No additional activator required
  • Compatible with all light-, self-, and dual-cured resin composite and cement materials for all direct and indirect procedures
  • Flexibility to use in either total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch techniques
  • Low film thickness (less than 10 µm)- will not interfere with indirect restorations

January 2013 BisDent Globe, Volume XVII, Issue I


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