Aeliteflo™ LV

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Aeliteflo LV Syringes

BISCO's flowable composites are versatile and can be dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping or slumping.

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Aeliteflo LV - 1 Syringe Aeliteflo LV (1.5g), Disposable Syringe Tips, Instructions
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Aeliteflo LV H-664A2F

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Aeliteflo LV H-664A35F

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50 Light Blue Disposable Syringe Tips (22 Gauge) X-80608N

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Radiopaque Low Viscosity Composite

Aeliteflo LV is a multi-use flowable resin-based composite with high radiopacity.

Unique Benefits

  • Extremely easy handling for effortless adaption to dentition
  • Microhybrid formula provides outstanding strength

Clinical Significance

  • Aeliteflo LV exhibits superior radiopacity for easy detection on radiographs
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