Porcelain Primer/Bis-Silane™

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bisco porcelain primer bottles
  • bisco porcelain primer bottle
  • bisco porcelain primers
  • bisco porcelain primer bottles

BISCO’s porcelain primers are used to improve bonding between porcelain substrates and resin cements.

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Porcelain Primer (Single Component) - 1 Bottle (10ml), Instructions
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1 Bottle Porcelain Primer (10ml), Instructions B-2221P

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Bis-Silane (Two Component) - 1 Bottle ea. Parts A and B (6ml ea.), Instructions
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1 Bottle each Bis-Silane Parts A & B (6ml ea.), Instructions B-3210P

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BISCO’s porcelain primers are silane coupling agents used to improve bonding between porcelain restorations and resin cement. It also protects porcelain restorations from contamination, increases mechanical and chemical bonding of resin to the porcelain, and yields greater resistance to water leakage at the bonding interface.

  • Porcelain Primer
    A single component pre-hydrolyzed no-mix silane primer
  • Bis-Silane™
    A two-part silane coupling agent offering additional shelf-life stability to ensure long lasting effective bonding to porcelain
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