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All-Bond Universal® Bottle

BISCO’s All-Bond Universal allows you to standardize clinical protocols for effective delivery of adhesion with a single-bottle.

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1 Bottle All-Bond Universal (6ml), Instructions
All-Bond Universal® Bottle

Features & Benefits


Isolating, Bonding, and Creating Composite Artistry
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Bonding Materials
Consider the Patient's Needs to Achieve the Best Restorative Outcome
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Versatile, Easy-to-Use All-Bond Universal Provides Effective, Predictable Protocol
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Free CE!
Liberal or Conservative: Taking the "Politics" Out of Zirconia Cementation by Dr. Jack Griffin
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Free CE!
The ABC's of Adhesive Bonding and Cementation by Dr. Thomas Dudney
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Dentin Sensitivity: Causes and Prevention
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One Practice, Two Dentists
A Day in the Life with BISCO's Dream Team
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Universal Adhesives
A Brief Clinical Overview
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Current State-of-the-Art in Universal Adhesives
Presented by Dr. Rolando Nuñez
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Should I Switch to a Universal Adhesive?
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Bonding to Zirconia: Current Best Practices
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BISCO's Universal Adhesive: Good Chemistry Leads to Reliable Results
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BISCO Delivers Promise of Truly Universal Bonding Agent
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BISCO's Universal Adhesive: Faster Esthetic Dentistry Without Sacrificing Performance
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Evaluators' Choice 2018 Awarded to All-Bond Universal
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All-Bond Universal Case Study by Dr. Joseph Kim
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Adhesives: 60 Years of Clinical and Chemical Improvement with Dr. Byoung Suh and Dr. Paul L Child Jr
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Achieving excellence begins with making wise choices
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BISCO Adhesives: Solutions to Today's Complex Restorative Needs
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Keeping it Simple for Successful Adhesive Dentistry by Dr. Adamo E. Notarantonio
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Clinical Benefits of a Single-Bottle Universal Adhesive by Dr. Joseph Kim
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Special Report on All-Bond Universal
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Establishing a Bonding Protocol by Dr. Sam Simos
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Superior Bond Strength in an Adhesive That is Truly Universal with Dr. Jack D. Griffin
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Try, Buy & ROI: ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL with Dr. Kisker
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Special Report on Adhesion by Dr. Paul L. Child, Jr.
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Dental Product Shopper Evaluation
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Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice Award
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One-Bottle Etch/Prime/Bond For Direct and Indirect Restorations by Dr. Robert Margeas
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Case Study using All-Bond Universal by Dr. John Comisis
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Does All-Bond Universal ever require an activator?
No. Unlike most adhesives on the market, All-Bond Universal is a true single bottle system that never requires an activator. This TRULY universal adhesive is formulated to work with all light-cured, self-cured, and dual-cured materials, and can be used for all direct and indirect restorations with any bonding technique.

Why should I switch from my current adhesive to All-Bond Universal?
If you prefer to have just one adhesive in the office for all procedures, All-Bond Universal is the ideal solution. It is so unique and easy to use, 1 bottle for all indications: direct and indirect; for all techniques: total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch; and is compatible with all light, dual and self-cured restorative materials.

All-Bond Universal is the latest in optimized adhesive chemistry, the result of 30 years of research. It is the most hydrophilic and versatile adhesive available on the market today.

Do I need to refrigerate All-Bond Universal?
No,refrigeration is not required for All-Bond Universal. All Bond Universal can be stored at room temperature.

Does All-Bond Universal need to be light cured?
Yes, All-Bond Universal must be light cured. However, if you do not wish to light cure, consider BISCO’s Universal Primer as a dual cured adhesive option.



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Good Chemistry Leads to Reliable Results


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