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Universal Primer™

Universal Primer is a dual-cure primer/adhesive designed with a low film thickness for the dentist who prefers not to light cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.

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Dual-Cured Adhesive

Universal Primer is for clinicians who prefer an adhesive/primer that does not need to be light-cured, fearing that the indirect restoration may not fit due to adhesive layer thickness.  Universal Primer does not need to be light-cured for post cementation or under crowns, onlays, inlays, etc. and can be used in direct restorative procedures, such as core build-ups and composites.  Universal Primer combines ease of use with virtually no post-operative sensitivity, and it is compatible with other cementation systems. 

Universal Primer is available as a 2-bottle system and as part of the Duo-Link Universal with Universal Primer Kit.

Unique Benefits:

  • Both Dual-Curable and Dual-Cure compatible
  • Can be used with total-, self- and selective etch techniques
  • Clinical evaluation confirms the ease of use as a benefit, with virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Provides a seal to minimize microleakage

Clinical Significance:

  • No light-curing necessary when used for indirect restorations
  • Low film thickness (<5µm) allows the adhesive/primer to readily flow into etched surfaces and offers both chemical and mechanical sealing

Features & Benefits



Dual-Cured adhesive for those who do not wish to light-cure.

Contains MDP

Contains MDP

Contains MDP monomers for enhanced durability.



Both dual-curable and dual-cure compatible.



Can be used with total-, self-, and selective-etch bonding techniques.

Strong Bond to Dentin

Strong Bond to Dentin

High shear bond strength to dentin.

Unparalleled Bond

Unparalleled Bond

Impressive bond strength to ALL substrates.

Low Film Thickness

Low Film Thickness

Allows adhesive to readily flow into etched surfaces.


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Who is Universal Primer recommended for?
Universal Primer is a dual-cured primer/adhesive designed for clinicians who prefer not to light-cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations.

Is Universal Primer compatible with ALL cementation systems?
Yes, Universal Primer can be used with all cements available on the market.

Should I use All-Bond Universal or Universal Primer for post cementation?
Universal Primer is ideal for post cementation due to its dual-cureablity and compatibility with light-, self-, and dual-cured composite and cement materials. All-Bond Universal may be used with posts that offer light transmission.

What should I prepare the internal surface of my restoration with, when using Universal Primer for crown & bridge cementation?
All restorations should be prepared following the laboratory or manufacturer’s instructions.

Zirconia, metal and composite restorations should be primed with BISCO’s Z-Prime Plus.

Glass ceramics, including lithium disilicate (e.g. IPS e.max) and feldspathic should be primed with BISCO’s Porcelain Primer or Bis-Silane.

Can Universal Primer also be used to bond direct restorations? 
Yes, Universal Primer can be used for direct restoration procedures such as core build-ups and composites. It must be light-cured when used with light-cure restorative materials.

What is the difference between "Universal Primer" and All-Bond 3? Are both dual cure? Is it recommended to use All-Bond Resin with either of the two?

Universal Primer is a 2-part, dual-cure system that can be used in total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch technique. It is recommended for the clinician who prefers to not light-cure under indirect restorations. All-Bond 3 is also a 2-part dual cure system but can only be used in total-etch mode. You may use All-Bond 3 Resin with either of the two adhesives for radiopacity to outline the restoration, and reduce the risk of misdiagnosing caries.

What’s the difference in film thickness between Universal Primer and All-Bond Universal?  
Both All-Bond Universal and Universal Primer have the same film thickness (<5µm).



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