Core-Flo™ DC

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coreflo dc auto-mix dual-syringe
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  • coreflo dc auto-mix dual-syringe

Core-Flo DC is a dual cured, radiopaque, core-build up composite that is dispensed with an auto mix syringe.

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Dual-Syringe - 1 Dual-Syringe Core-Flo DC (8g), Accessories, Instructions
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Core-Flo DC Shade: Natural/A1 A-23011P

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Core-Flo DC Shade: Opaque White A-23012P

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Dual-Cured Flowable Core Build-Up/Dentin Replacement Material
CORE-FLO DC is a dual-cured, fluoride-containing core material that is dispensed with an auto-mix dual-syringe dispenser. CORE-FLO DC is ideal for core build up, post cementation, and as a dentin replacement material. CORE-FLO DC’s superior compressive and flexural strength offers the clinician reliability and durability when fabricating direct restorations. In a simplified technique, the clinician can cement the post and build-up the core with one single application. CORE-FLO DC is radiopaque and available in two aesthetic shades, Natural/A1 and Opaque White to meet all of your direct and indirect restorative requirements.

Unique Benefits

  • High compressive and, flexural strength, plus low water sorption ensure predictability and longevity of the restoration
  • Superior handling - does not slump like other core materials on the market
  • Easy to prepare – cuts just like dentin
  • Excellent flowability and adaptation as a post cement
  • Low-shrinkage properties as a dentin replacement material

Clinical Significance

  • Dual-cured, flowable core material saves time when cementing posts and building the core
  • Void-free flow when cementing the post, and core provides homogenous bond to substrates
  • Radiopaque material is easily identified on radiographs

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Learn more about Bisco's core materials and technique.

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What is the best bonding agent to use with Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite?

With any of BISCO’s core build-up materials, we recommend BISCO’s dual-cure Universal Primer™. Universal Primer does not need to be light-cured for post cementation or under crowns, onlays, inlays, etc. It can also be used in direct restorative procedures, such as core build-ups and composites.

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