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BisCem is a self-etching, self-adhesive, dual-cured resin luting cement exclusively formulated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts.

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Dual-Syringe - 1 Dual-Syringe (8g), Accessories, Instructions
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BisCem Shade: Translucent D-45011P

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BisCem Shade: Opaque D-45012P

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1 Dual-Syringe Dispenser (for use with dual-syringes) L-22020P

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Dual-Syringe Static Mixing Tip Refills (30) X-81252P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing Tips and Intraoral Tips (30) X-81257P

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Dual-Syringe Mixing and Root Canal Tips (30) X-81267P

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Self-Adhesive Luting Cement
BisCem is a dual-cured self-adhesive resin cement requiring no etching, priming or bonding of the prepared surface. BisCem has excellent handling properties, is easy to use and formulated so that clean up is very easy. It is a paste/paste formula delivered in an auto-mix dual syringe. In addition, it is radiopaque and produces a strong, durable bond to all substrates.

BisCem is available in two shades, Translucent and Opaque, for a simplified system that meets the needs for a wide variety of restorative options.

Unique Benefits:

  • A self-adhesive cement specifically formulated for excellent handling properties and easy clean-up
  • Radiopaque material is easily identified on radiographs
  • Low film thickness ensures the restoration is completely seated
  • A cost effective alternative designed to bond to a multitude of substrates, including metals, composites, porcelain and amalgam
  • Glass Ionomer benefits with resin cement strength

Clinical Significance:

  • No etching, priming or bonding saves time by reducing clinical steps
  • An auto-mix dual-syringe delivery requires no hand mixing that can be dispensed directly into the restoration

BisCem provides for quick, predictable cementation by Dr. Darren Simpson
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Ease of use meets high performance
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Simplified Cementation


Like all BISCO products, but this product has truly exceeded my expectations. The technique is simplified. My assistants love it. Great product. The Sales Professionals are great to work with as well at BISCO.

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