Question Asked by george adler on 11/1/2016

Which is the best cement to use for patient that has tetracycline stain and we have mostly dentin foe zirconia crowns?

Answer Response by on 11/8/2016

We recommend using Duo-Link Universal with All-Bond Universal.

The bonding protocol is:

1) Etch tooth using an etchant for 15 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Remove excess water by blotting the surface with an absorbent pellet, leaving the preparation visibly moist.

2) Apply two separate coats of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, scrubbing the preparation with a microbrush for 10-15 seconds per coat. Do not light cure between coats.

3) Evaporate excess solvent by thoroughly air-drying with an air syringe for at least 10 seconds, there should be no visible movement of the adhesive. The surface should have a uniform glossy appearance; otherwise, apply an additional coat of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL and repeat Steps 2) and 3).

4) Light cure for 10 seconds. 5) Continue with cementation with Duo-Link Universal.


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