Question Asked by Marcos Trevino on 11/30/2016

Are there any other products on the market right now similar to your eCEMENT Resin Cementation System? If so can you please tell me about a few. If not can you tell me why your product is so unique?

Answer Response by Dr. Nuñez on 12/1/2016

eCEMENT is the only dedicated cementation system kit to lithium silicate on the market today.  This unique and convenient all in one kit guides you through the correct protocol of cementing an e.max restoration from the first steps of porcelain etching & silianating your restoration to the final seat & clean up. The eCEMENT system may be used for cementation of all restorations including veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns, three-unit bridges CAD/CAM blocks & pressable ingots made of lithium disilicate.

The eCEMENT system kit includes:

  • eCEMENT light-cured cements flow within the milled cement spaces and are fully reactive at 2mm to the absorbing light energy. Kit contains Translucent & Milky Bright shades
  • eCEMENT dual-cured cement ensures polymerization where the light cannot reach. Kit contains Universal Shade
  • Porcelain Primer to silanate the lithium disilicate (e.g. IPS e.max®*)
  • All-Bond Universal® creates a sealed surface to both dentin and enamel
  • 4% Porcelain Etchant is used to treat the lithium disilicate
  • Select HV®Etch w/BAC is used to condition the tooth structure before bonding


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