Question Asked on 2/16/2017

Can you bond to zirconia? Is the bond to zirconia as good as the bond to porcelain?”

Answer Response by Dr. Suh on 2/16/2017

YES! You can bond with Z-Prime Plus Zirconia/Metal Primer which contains MDP. MDP will form a chemical bond to the zirconia surface when used with BisGMA-based resin cement. This chemical bond is just as good as a silane-primed bond to porcelain.

The clinical protocol for bonding to zirconia using Z-Prime Plus:

  • Lightly sandblast with 30-50 micron aluminum oxide under 30-45 psi pressure for a fresh, roughened surface.
  • Apply Z-Prime Plus and dry with air syringe for 3-5 seconds.

A Few Useful Tips When Bonding Zirconia restorations:

  • Do not clean zirconia with phosphoric (H3PO4) etchant! Phosphate ions will bond to the surface and interfere with bonding. Also since saliva contains phosphate ions, trying in a zirconia crown will also contaminate the surface.
  • Contaminated surfaces can be cleaned with a highly alkaline solution (eg. IvoClean) or by lightly sand blasting. Alternatively to avoid phosphate contamination, you can pre-treat the zirconia crown with Z-Prime Plus before try-in, then rinse with water before bonding.


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