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BISCO makes it EASY with eCEMENT

eCEMENT Try-In Paste Shade: A1

Douglas J. Brown, DDS, Schaumburg, IL
Ross Nash, DDS, Huntersville, NC

The benefits of a beautiful smile are more valuable than ever! Laboratory milling/pressing of esthetic crowns and veneers is trending toward replacing traditional metal cast crowns thereby satisfying the patient’s desire for more esthetically – pleasing restorations. The hidden beauty of these restorations is they can be sealed to enamel/dentin leading to improved strength, longer last­ing beauty and margins that merge with the tooth!

Desiring an easy, efficient and simple cementation system to accommodate this growing trend, BISCO designed a mate­rial that compliments the strengths of IPS e.max® and other glass ceramics. The importance of creating an easy-to-use cementation system to accentuate the high-strength merging of lithium disili­cate restorations (e.g. IPS e.max®) to the tooth is the driving force behind this new system. eCEMENT™ provides the products necessary to simplify and strengthen the placement of lithium disilicates while providing a cosmetically appealing and esthetic restoration.

In addition to these significant advan­tages, the BISCO eCEMENT system con­tains both light cure, and dual cure resin cement, ensuring that all of your lithium disilicate restorations will have exceptional retention, esthetics and blended margins.


  • eCEMENT light cure (L/C): Thin restorations with high translucency, where a light-cured only cement is preferred (includes veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns, primarily in the  anterior and premolar regions).
  • eCEMENT dual cure (D/C): Thick restorations with medium or high opacity and low translucency, where a dual-cured cement is required(includes veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns, primarily in the posterior region).


Thin restorations with low opacity and high translucency can be easily merged to the enamel/dentin surface with the highly-filled eCEMENT L/C shades: A1, Milky Bright or Translucent. Following tooth preparation and veneer silaniza­tion, eCEMENT Milky Bright was applied to the internal surface of the restoration and passively seated. Three second tack curing results in stable placement and allows for efficient margin excess removal (Figure 1). Final light curing of both buccal and lingual surfaces can now be confidently completed.

figure 1 ecement

Figure 1

For thick restorations with higher opacity and lower translucency, eCEMENT D/C Universal shade is ideal due to its extend­ed work-time and dedicated dark cure. Following tooth preparation and ceramic silanization, crowns were simultaneously seated, excess interproximal cement was gently removed with a brush, followed by spot curing of the margins for 2-3 seconds per quarter surface (Figure 2). The patient is asked to place light occlu­sal pressure for 3 minutes and allow the dark cure reaction to potentiate prior to final curing and flossing of contacts.

figure 2 ecement

Figure 2

eCEMENT is a resin cementation system designed to simplify the placement of lithium disilicate restorations and provide consistent polymerization in all clinical cases.


 * IPS e.max is a registered trademark of IVOCLAR VIVADENT, Inc. eCEMENT is a trademark of BISCO, Inc. There is no sponsorship, affiliation or connection between BISCO, Inc. and IVOCLAR VIVADENT, Inc.

December 2013 BisDent Globe, Volume XVII, Issue II


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