4 Benefits of Using a Universal Adhesive

April 12, 2024

Dental adhesives have come a long way since the first generation.

Years of research and testing have resulted in the wide variety of single-bottle universal adhesives that are available today. These latest adhesives make bonding more predictable and reliable than ever before. If you have been using a universal adhesive for a while, you are aware of the many benefits of using one.

To minimize confusion about what constitutes a proper universal adhesive, the following definition should be considered:

Truly universal adhesives should…

  • Be hydrophobic enough to be used as a single-layer adhesive.
  • Be able to be used with any etching technique  (Total-Etch, Selective-Etch or Self-Etch).
  • Be compatible with both direct and indirect procedures using any light-cure, dual-cure, or self-cure material.
  • Have low film thickness for bonding indirect restorations.

Using this definition, let’s review 4 of the benefits of universal adhesives. 

  1. Streamline Procedures

    Being able to use a single bottle adhesive for any direct or indirect case that comes into your office will help streamline procedures and save valuable chair time. A truly universal adhesive will also have the benefit of being compatible with all light-cure, dual-cure, or self-cure materials. However, it is true that not every universal adhesive is compatible with all procedures and types of material on its own. Some single bottle adhesives may require an additional bottle for indirect restorations, so be sure to check if an activator is required. 

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  2. Versatility

    A universal adhesive can be used with any bonding technique and any type of restoration, making it truly versatile and an indispensable material to have in your office.

  3. Reduce Inventory

    By using a single bottle system, the number of adhesives you will need to keep in inventory will be reduced, and the ordering process will be simplified. Your front office team will thank you!

  4. Reliability

    When you use a universal adhesive, you can have confidence in your procedures. You won’t have to think about whether it’s compatible with the materials or etching techniques you plan to use. We’ve done the chemistry, now you can do the dentistry! 

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