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Top 5 Reasons to Love Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite

January 11, 2023

"In my relatively short career, which feels less short every day, I’ve had the pleasure to work with many different types of core material."

-Dr. Devin McClintock

Composite, self-cure, dual-cure, amalgam, pins, you name it, I’ve tried it in one setting or another. However, although there are many different options available in the marketplace, BISCO’s Core-Flo™ DC and Core-Flo™ DC Lite reign supreme.

  1. Dual-cure

    With complete build ups, dual-cure capability is a must in my book. Thanks to increased technology and minimally invasive techniques, endodontists are able to reduce the size of their accesses. As a result, light penetration may be more limited. Dual-cure capability ensures a total chemical cure of the material even at the apical most aspect. 
  2. Flowability as well as stackability

    Materials are usually flowable or stackable. Good flowability of material allows for good adaptation and reduces risk for voids in the build-up. Conversely, stackability of a material allows clinicians to rebuild missing tooth structure more easily. Core-Flo DC is unique in its ability to both flow and stack. Core-Flo DC Lite’s lower viscosity allows it to flow easily without creating voids in the material making it a perfect choice for endo access and deep margin elevation cases. The higher viscosity of Core-Flo DC allows for better stackability of material without slumping. This allows the clinician to always maintain complete control without wasting excess.
  3. Ease of delivery

    The dual-barrel syringe allow for easy mixing and dispensing of the material. The design of the tip allows adequate access and control regardless of the preparation or access without wasting unnecessary extra material. 
  4. Tactile feedback

    One of my biggest pet peeves with dental materials is tactile feedback. Differences in tactile feedback with handpieces may result in over preparation or gouging of the material. However, with Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite the margin from tooth to build-up is nearly imperceptible resulting in smooth transitions.
  5. Low shrinkage, high compressive strength

    If porcelain replaces enamel, core materials replace dentin. Therefore, it’s essential to have a material that possess similar strengths to dentin to ensure adequate bond and retention. Since incorporating Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite into my daily practice I haven’t had any issues with my build-ups.

Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite allow me to incorporate reliability and consistency to my restorative procedures.

Whether it’s deep margin elevation cases, restoring endodontic accesses, or rebuilding missing tooth structure, these materials balance the line between flowability and stackability to ensure proper adaptation every time. It is the ideal core build up material.

Dr Devin McClintock

Dr. Devin McClintock is an avid believer in continuing dental education. The field of dentistry is always changing, and she sees it as her responsibility to stay ahead of the curve so she can provide the most current, effective treatments.

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