The Calcium and Fluoride Treatment for Hypersensitive Teeth

October 27, 2021

Meet BISCO’S new 5% sodium fluoride varnish, FluoroCal.

FluoroCal is both calcium and fluoride releasing,1 and contains Tri Calcium Phosphate (TCP).  Upon application to dentin and enamel, FluoroCal penetrates and seals exposed dentin tubules and provides immediate relief to hypersensitive teeth. It is available in a refreshing Spearmint flavor that is sweetened with Xylitol.

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Benefits of FluoroCal

  • Sustained and targeted release fluoride and calcium release for over 24 hours1 allows fluoride to be delivered over a longer period and deposited on to the tooth.2
  • High enamel fluoride uptake can induce fluorapatite, which in turn helps to strengthen the tooth enamel and prevent further sensitivity.3
  • Contains TCP, which studies have shown provides greater protection and acid resistance when combined with fluoride.4
  • Penetrates and seals dentin tubules, providing immediate relief to sensitive teeth.
  • Xylitol acts as a sweetener for the varnish, which helps to ensure better patient compliance.
  • Simply applied with a brush, allowing for fast and easy application.
  • Esthetic white varnish that blends with the natural tooth color.

Clinical Significance

The root cause of dentinal hypersensitivity is exposed dentin tubules.5 FluoroCal provides immediate sensitivity relief to hypersensitive teeth through mechanical occlusion, or the “blocking” of these dentin tubules. Research shows that treatments in the form of varnishes, gels, and foams can induce fluorapatite by chemically depositing fluoride on to the tooth structure.6,7


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*Data on file.

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