Addressing Leakage

January 27, 2022

As part of a year-long celebration to mark BISCO's 40th anniversary, we asked dentists to submit their best cases featuring BISCO products. We hope this case continues to inspire you and your team!  To view all the cases selected and published click on BISCO's BEST: Cases to Inspire You

Case Study: Addressing Leakage

A new indirect restoration was placed with the help of BISCO materials

Courtesy of Juan Ángel Castro, DDS 

Case Description: An 18-year-old male presented with sensitivity to thermal changes in a lower molar. On clinical and radiographic examination, areas of micro-filtration were observed on the resin restoration. 

After the restoration and recurrent caries were removed, the cavity was decontaminated with 2% chlorhexidine, leaving a visibly wet dentin. I then placed TheraCal LC, selective etched with 35% phosphoric acid on the enamel, dried, and applied All-Bond Universal. Fluid resin was used to seal the exposed dentin and create the resin coating. 
An impression was taken with a triple tray to create an indirect resin restoration. I then cemented the indirect restoration, decontaminated the preparation with 50-micron aluminum oxide, etched the enamel with 35% Select HV phosphoric acid, dried, and applied All-Bond Universal. To finish, I light-cured and completed cementation with Duo-Link Universal adhesive cement.
Figure 1: The patient presented with a composite restoration with deficient borders.
Figure 2: The old composite restoration was removed. 
Figure 3: Disinfection was completed using 2% chlorhexidine.
Figure 4: TheraCal LC was applied on visibly  dentin. Selective etching with 35% Select HV Etch was then completed for 15 seconds.
Figure 5: The restoration was rinsed with plenty of water. 
Figure 6: Two coats of All-Bond Universal were applied and scrubbed.
Figure 7: The resin coating was placed. 
Figure 8: The final indirect restoration.
BISCO products used: TheraCal LC, All-Bond Universal, Duo-Link Universal, Select HV Etch



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