So Compatible: Powerhouse Restorative Product Pairings

July 10, 2024

Simplify your dentistry with three powerful product combinations that deliver reliable results. 

Just how complex are your restorative protocols? How many steps, how many products and how much wait time between applications?
Complicated doesn’t mean better, especially for restorative dentistry. More steps mean more chances for materials not to set, bond or cure correctly, impacting integrity and potential issues like post-op sensitivity. 
The best adhesives and restorative materials help you streamline your procedures by working together for reliable results. BISCO’s product line follows the lead of our customers and colleagues to provide science-backed options for better dentistry. Read on to learn three powerful combinations that can help you deliver:
  • Easy, versatile bonding 
  • Strong, long-lasting core buildup
  • Healthy restorations 

Simple and Flexible: All-Bond Universal® and Select HV® Etch w/BAC

All-Bond Universal’s versatility makes it an excellent one-bottle bonding solution to use with any etching mode. But when used in combination with Select HV Etch and a selective etching technique, it provides the best, most durable bond. 
Select HV Etch w/BAC, a 35% high-viscosity phosphoric acid etchant, is designed for pinpoint accuracy. This material stays in place, easily washes off, and gives you full control of your bonding technique. Because it stays put, you can always follow the best protocol for optimal restorations. 
Using these two products together also prevents post-op sensitivity by: 
  1. Eliminating over-etching and over-drying after cleaning with etchant gel.
  2. Reducing direct contact between phosphoric acid and dentin by only etching enamel. 
This is by design: All-Bond Universal requires etching only the enamel (not dentin) with phosphoric acid and Select HV Etch’s viscosity prevents it from running beyond where it’s placed. The two together are great options for direct composites, indirect ceramics and more. 
For optimal performance and ease of use, BISCO recommends using Select HV Etch in the selective-etch technique combined with All-Bond Universal. There’s no guesswork with this product combination – they’re made for each other. 

Dual-Cured for Deep Preps: Core-Flo™ DC/ Core-Flo™  DC Lite and Universal Primer™ 

There are a couple of reasons you might want to use a dual-cured core build up material: 
  1. Reliability that the material will cure regardless of how deep the prep is or how thick the layers are.  
  2. Unreliable results with light curing from your current equipment. 
In either case, you still want to provide a strong solution to ensure successful indirect restorations. That’s where BISCO’s Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite come in. Both Core-Flo DC & Core-Flo DC Lite are a dual-cured, radiopaque, core build-up composite that are specifically designed to cement posts and build the core structure in one easy application. Core-Flo DC is formulated to be more stackable where as Core-Flo DC Lite is formulated to be more flowable.  
When combined with Universal Primer, a two-bottle, dual-cure adhesive, you don’t have to light cure the material. The two products produce a chemical reaction that results in a cured core buildup. Best of all, this combination can be used with any etching technique?

Whole-Tooth Health: TheraCal LC® and TheraBase® 

Tooth vitality and pulpal health are also important considerations for deep preparations. Take advantage of products designed specifically to encourage alkaline pH and release calcium.
Using a calcium-releasing liner like TheraCal LC followed by a dual-cured, calcium releasing base material like TheraBase, allows for higher calcium release* and further protection that in turn promotes tooth vitality.  
After you apply TheraCal LC in the deepest areas of the tooth, cover the application with TheraBase to maximize calcium release throughout the dental structure. 
Using these two products together doesn’t limit your options to complete your procedures. You can bond, place your composite and create aesthetic, functional restorations. And you’ve done all you can to ensure the procedure’s success with a strong foundation that promotes dental health. 

You’ve Got Options 

BISCO’s baseline for products is that they must be fully compatible not just with each other but with similar widely used products manufactured by other leading companies.
We geek out developing innovative products, but we never forget our goal: To make restorations easier, long-lasting and comfortable for patients.
If you have a product that’s tried and true and want to help it perform even better, reach out. We’ll answer your questions honestly and help find solutions for your restorative challenges so you perform your best dentistry. 

Better Chemistry. Better Dentistry. 

Speak with a BISCO expert about restorative combinations that save you chair time and ensure confident smiles. 
*Data on file.  
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