Question Asked on 4/30/2014

How does BISCO recommend cleaning the Zirconia after try in?

Answer Response by Dr. Nuñez on 4/28/2014

A surface treated, pretreated/presealed with Z-Prime Plus may be cleaned after try-in by either application of phosphoric acid etchant or ultrasonic cleaning in an ethanol solvent for 2 minutes. Please follow this protocol.

  1. Restoration comes from the lab sandblasted. Lab applies Z-Prime Plus OR office immediately applies Z-Prime Plus.
  2. Dentist trys in restoration when patient comes in.
  3. Clean surface of restoration with phosphoric acid, rinse with water and air dry (OR clean surface of restoration using ultrasonic cleaning in ethanol solvent for 2 minutes, rinse with water and air dry.)
  4. Proceed with cementation using any resin cement.


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