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The Growing Thera Family

By now, we’re sure you’ve met the Thera Family: our selection of award-winning, calcium-releasing products that offer a unique array of benefits for both dentists and patients. We are excited to continue to expand this product line with the announcement of our newest material.

Bisco All-Bond Universal Light Cured Dental Adhesive Black Bottle

Spotlight: TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal

Protecting the dentin and pulp complex is of essence in restorative dentistry. See how Dr. Juan Angel Castro uses TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal in this composite restoration.

TheraCal PT is available in an auto-mix dual-syringe and is indicated for pulpotomies.

TheraCal PT Product Review

Dr. Carla Cohn reviews TheraCal PT, the dual-cure pulpotomy material from BISCO and the newest member of the Thera Family.

Bisco Z-Prime Plus Bottle

Busting Myths In Dentistry

"You CAN'T bond to zirconia!" "You shouldn't place resin directly on a pulp exposure." "Not all MDP is created equal." Ever heard some of these statements? Read our article to see these myths get BUSTED.​

TheraCal PT is available in an auto-mix dual-syringe and is indicated for pulpotomies.

Pulpotomy Treatment for Vital Pulp Therapy

Vital pulp therapy is the treatment of the pulpal complex of a tooth affected by either caries or trauma. The goal is to treat or protect the pulpal complex, maintain vitality and comfort. In the primary dentition, vital pulp therapy includes indirect or direct pulp therapy or cap, and pulpotomy. All these procedures treat the pulpal complex while maintaining the vitality of the tooth.

Bisco Intraoral Repair Kit

The Basics of Intraoral Repair

After months of lockdown due to the pandemic, dental offices are starting to reopen and patients are returning. It’s likely many of them will have emergencies and broken restorations that will need to be repaired. Having an intraoral repair protocol and the proper materials handy will prepare your office for these incoming cases. Restorative dentistry is one of the first steps towards getting patients back to their healthy lives.

z prime plus bottle

3 Essential Tips for Bonding to Zirconia

As zirconia restorations continue to grow in popularity, so do the questions about zirconia bonding. With the right knowledge and materials, zirconia crowns can last a long time.

Results: 20 Articles found.