Pro-V® C&B

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Pro-V C&B is a highly esthetic composite for fabricating temporary restorations.

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Syringes: 1 Syringe Pro-V C and B (50ml), Disposable Mixing Tips (15), Instructions
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Pro-V C&B Shade: A1 H-403A1P

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Pro-V C&B Shade: A2 H-403A2P

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Pro-V C&B Shade: A3 H-403A3P

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Pro-V C&B Shade: Bleach H-403BLP

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10:1 Dispenser L-22030P

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10:1 Mixing Tips (15) X-81250P

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Temporary Crown & Bridge Material
Pro-V C&B is a temporary crown and bridge material that quickly and easily creates very durable and natural looking restorations.  Developed using a multifunctional acrylic composite, Pro-V C&B creates a temporary restoration that is a superb mixture of strength, durability, flexibility and esthetics that emulates a natural tooth.  This self-curing material is available in 4 essential shades, polishes beautifully and can be trimmed with minimal effort making it the ideal temporary crown & bridge material.

Unique Benefits:

  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Once mixed, Pro-V C&B sets within 4 minutes
  • Pro-V C&B flows ideally into the impression with great control
  • Thin smear layer makes the temporary restoration more pleasant to handle and easy to remove from the impression

Clinical Significance:

  • High flexural and compressive strength values reduce the risk of a temporary restoration fracturing in the mouth when subjected to high or sudden masticatory loading
  • High strengths results in durable temporary restorations that fracture less frequently during removal and fitting
  • Quick removal from the impression and natural luster saves time and money

DPS Pro-V C&B Product Evaluation
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Early Adopters with Dr. Kirk Poldek
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Pro-V C&B
A fast-setting material for strong, esthetic temporaries

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