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SELECT HV ETCH on uncut enamel. Courtesy of Dr. Michael Morgan.

SELECT HV ETCH is a superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), a known antimicrobial agent. SELECT HV ETCH is a “Universal” etchant specifically formulated for pinpoint placement on both enamel and dentin ensuring intimate enamel etching and virtually eliminating tissue clot disruption and bleeding caused by excessive etch run-off following its placement onto cervical dentin margins.

SELECT HV ETCH is named after the technique for which it is known. The term self-etching refers to how one treats dentin. The Selective Etch Technique (Hybrid Technique) is the etching/rinsing of cut and uncut enamel margins prior to the placement of self-etching adhesives onto both surfaces.

Clinical research shows that marginal defects at self-etched enamel margins quickly develop. The inability of self- etching adhesives to create adequate micro-mechanical interlocking with enamel surfaces is the leading cause of this and has led manufacturers and researchers to recommend the use of the Selective Etch Technique.

SELECT HV ETCH is significantly more effective than current self-etching primers in its ability to create micro-mechanically retentive enamel etch patterns. The use of a phosphoric acid etchant not only guarantees the most durable bond to enamel, but also seals and protects the bond to dentin against degradation.

select hv etch on enamel 
SELECT HV ETCH on enamel following pulp
capping.  Courtesy of Dr. Ross Nash.

select hv etch prior to bonding
SELECT HV ETCH prior to indirect bonding.
Courtesy of Dr. Ross Nash.

SELECT HV ETCH offers polymer-based free-flowing features which are ideal for all types of etching: Orthodontic, temporary veneers, interim adhesion, total-etch wet bonding as well as self-etch enamel bonding. Its unique handling properties allow for pinpoint etching, eliminating the risks of over-etching dentin.

SELECT HV ETCH adheres gently to cut and un-cut enamel surfaces. It’s quick neutralizing, micro-mechanical creating ability allows for suctioning of the outer layer followed by rinsing of the neutralized layer, which enhances enamel bonds while protecting the smear layer dentin.

SELECT HV ETCH is offered in convenient 40ml bulk syringe dispensing, as well as standard 5 gram syringes. It’s vibrant color enhances visualization and contrast while the ease of rinsing ensures a residue-free surface.

Benefits of SELECT HV ETCH

  • Universal – for use with total-etch and self-etch procedures
  • High-viscosity is ideal for the selective etch and hybrid techniques
  • Thixotropic
  • Blue in color for easy visualization and contrast
  • Washes off easily without leaving residue
  • Economical bulk syringe dispensing
  • Contains BAC, an antimicrobial agent

NOTE: Inclusion of BAC has not been shown to correlate with a reduction in secondary decay in patients. In-vivo clinical studies to evaluate the effects of BAC on oral bacteria or caries have not been performed.

November 2011 BisDent Globe, Volume XV, Issue II


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