Question Asked on 5/7/2019

TheraCal PT and TheraCal LC – is there a reason to have both?

Answer Response by Dr. Nuñez on 5/7/2019

TheraCal PT is not intended to replace TheraCal LC. TheraCal PT and TheraCal LC share some of the same indications for use, however we recommend you use TheraCal PT for pulpotomies and continue to use TheraCal LC as a liner and for direct and indirect pulp capping. This approach is more cost effective based on the number of applications from 1 box of TheraCal LC (4 - 1g syringes = 40-50 uses depending on application/s) verses TheraCal PT's 1 - 4g syringe (approximately 12 - 15 pulpotomy applications).


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