Question Asked on 4/30/2014

Prior to bonding, should an antimicrobial agent be used on the dentin, and does that vary by different generations of bonding systems?

Answer Response by Dr. Suh on 4/29/2014

Yes, dentin should always be cleaned prior to bonding.

If using an Total Etch (Etch-and-Rinse) adhesive, using a Bisco etchant with BAC (Benzalkonium Chloride) eliminates the need for a separate antimicrobial agent.

If using a Self-Etch adhesive, application of an antimicrobial such as 2% Chlorhexidine or glutaraldehyde containing solutions will disinfect the dentin, and may also inhibit MMPs, which is still yet to be proven in vivo. MMPs are Matrix Metallo-Proteinases, inactive enzymes in dentin that are activated by acid, which may degrade the hybrid layer over time. MMPs are inhibited by endogenous inhibitors, such as 2% Chlorhexidine or BAC (benzalkonium chloride).

More important is selecting a hydrophobic adhesive which minimizes water content and is less acidic (pH > 3).



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