Duo-Link Universal Dental Product Shopper Best Product


Dental Product Shopper awards Duo-Link Universal™ with a Best Product Award! Dr. Joyce Bassett is a Dental Product Shopper contributor and shares her experience with Duo-Link Universal. As a dual-cured resin cement formulated for the cementation of all indirect restorations (except cementing veneers), Duo-Link Universal is ideal for all chairside and lab-fabricated restorations, including crowns, onlays, and inlays.

Twelve evaluators took part in the Duo-Link Universal review and looked at nine different criteria. They found some of the highest individual scores went to product versatility (score of 4.6), ease of use (score of 4.3), ease of use in self-etch mode (score of 4.6), and ease of use in selective-etch mode (score of 4.7). With all scores combined Duo-Link Universal has a final score of 4.4, making it a Dental Product Shopper Best Product. BISCO.com to learn more.