TheraCal LC Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product


Dental Product Shopper awards TheraCal LC® with a Recommended Product Award! Dr. Mark Cannon reviews BISCO’s TheraCal LC light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate.

ThereCal LC has a unique apatite stimulating ability1,2 that makes it ideal for direct and indirect pulp capping and works as a protective liner. Independent evaluators looked at seven different criteria, with the highest scores going to reduced post-operative sensitivity (score of 4.5), radiopacity (score of 4.4), and curing time (score of 4.4), with an overall score of 4.2. Visit to learn more.

1. ADA definitions for direct and indirect pulp capping at:

2.Okabe T, Sakamoto M, Takeuchi H, Matsushima K (2006) Effects of pH on mineralization ability of human dental pulp cells. Journal of Endodontics 32, 198-201.