Question Asked by mahmoud alhasan on 10/2/2016

What are the clinical applications for Bonding to Zirconia Veneers restoration?

Answer Response by on 10/3/2016

Bonding to Zirconia Veneers: 1) Try in; 2) Lightly sandblasted the internal surface of zirconia, rinse thoroughly and dry; 3) Apply one-coat of Z-Prime Plus on Zirconia internal surface, air dry; 4) Clean the tooth preparation with a slurry of pumice. Rinse and dry. 5) Etch dentin and enamel using UNI-ETCH® for 15 seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Lightly air dry. Leave preparation visibly moist. 6) Apply two separate coats of ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL® on tooth, scrubbing the preparation with a microbrush for 10-15 seconds per coat. Do not light cure between coats. Air dry for a minimum of 10 seconds to evaporate solvent. Light cure for 10 seconds. 7) (Optional) Apply a very thin layer of PORCELAIN BONDING RESIN to the inside of the veneer. DO NOT LIGHT CURE. 8) Line inside of veneer with CHOICE 2 Veneer Cement. Gently seat one veneer at a time. Light cure each for 3-5 seconds to tack the veneers into place. Remove excess cement. 9) Light cure each veneer for 40 seconds from lingual and 40 seconds from the facial. For more detailed instructions, please click below:


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