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Bisco Aeliteflo Syringe Shade A2

Aeliteflo™ Syringe Shade: A2

BISCO's flowable composites are versatile and can be dispensed and injected into the preparation without dripping or slumping.

Item No: H-671A2F


1 Syringe Aeliteflo (1.5g), Disposable Syringe Tips, Instructions

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In what increments should Aeliteflo be applied?
Opaque white should be applied in 1mm increments. All other Aeliteflo shades can be applied in 1 – 2 mm layer/s.

How long should Aeliteflo be cured for?
Light cure each 1 – 2 mm increment for 20 seconds.

What is the significance of Aeliteflo’s low modulus of elasticity?
The elastic modulus of dentin is about 18 GPa whereas Aeliteflo is <6 GPa, giving it more elastic characteristics1. This is especially important in restoring a patient’s dentition with multiple abfraction lesions, where a highly filled stiff composite may ultimately fail.


1. Craig RG, Peyton FA. Elastic and mechanical properties of human dentin, J. Dent. Res. 1958; 37:(4) 710-718



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