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The Growing Thera Family

The Growing Thera Family: Introducing TheraBase

By now, we’re sure you’ve met the Thera Family: our selection of award-winning, calcium-releasing products that offer a unique array of benefits for both dentists and patients. We are excited to continue to expand this product line with the announcement of our newest material.

Meet TheraBase!

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TheraBase is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive base/liner.  Utilizing the THERA technology, TherBase chemically bond to tooth structure, and releases and recharges calcium and fluoride ions1. TheraBase's calcium release generates an alkaline pH which promotes pulp vitality2. It is a dual-cured material that will polymerize even in deep restorations where light cannot reach.

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TheraBase has high compressive strength in comparison to glass ionomers and resin-modified glass ionomers, allowing it to withstand bite and occlusal forces, and providing a stronger foundation for direct composite restorations. It also contains MDP, ensuring an optimal bond to dentin3.

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Being a self-adhesive material makes it an ideal material for utilizing the sandwich technique without needing to bond it to the cavity prep surface.  

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With all of these features packed into an auto-mix dual-syringe, TheraBase ensures ease-of-use for everyday clinical situations.

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