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Addressing Leakage

Case Description: An 18-year-old male presented with sensitivity to thermal changes in a lower molar. On clinical and radiographic examination, areas of micro-filtration were observed on the resin restoration.

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Reviewers Give High Marks to BISCO's New Base

This dual-cured self-adhesive liner and base impresses thanks to its easy dispensing and placement.

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Cementation Using Rubber Dam Isolation

A dental office is highly productive when the office team works together to develop and implement reliable protocols. Dr. Devin McClintock goes through a step-by-step process that outlines the roles of both the dentist and the assistant to achieve efficient porcelain cementation.

bisco therabase

BISCO TheraBase Case Report

Compressive strength is an essential element when it comes to having a solid base. In Dr. Mark L. Cannon's case study he uses, TheraBase, for a full caries excavation. Cannon concludes that TheraBase is an ideal component for restorations because of its multi-functioning properties.

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4 Benefits of Using a Universal Adhesive

Dental adhesives have come a long way since the first generation. Years of research and testing have resulted in the wide variety of single-bottle universal adhesives that are available today. These latest adhesives make bonding more predictable and reliable than ever before.


The Growing Thera Family

By now, we’re sure you’ve met the Thera Family: our selection of award-winning, calcium-releasing products that offer a unique array of benefits for both dentists and patients. We are excited to continue to expand this product line with the announcement of our newest material.

Bisco All-Bond Universal black bottle

Spotlight: TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal

Protecting the dentin and pulp complex is of essence in restorative dentistry. See how Dr. Juan Angel Castro uses TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal in this composite restoration.

Results: 18 Articles found.