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A Step-by-Step Approach to Esthetic Excellence: Every Detail Matters

Social media has flooded the Internet with beautiful “before and after” photographs of porcelain restorations. While these images can help promote the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, one of the problems this can lead to is patients mistakenly assuming that such restorations are simple to achieve. They may fail to realize that multiple steps need to be taken to attain such esthetic results. The case presented describes a smile rehabilitation with proper isolation and cementation protocols.


Addressing Leakage

Case Description: An 18-year-old male presented with sensitivity to thermal changes in a lower molar. On clinical and radiographic examination, areas of micro-filtration were observed on the resin restoration.

bisco therabase

Reviewers Give High Marks to BISCO's New Base

This dual-cured self-adhesive liner and base impresses thanks to its easy dispensing and placement.

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Cementation Using Rubber Dam Isolation

A dental office is highly productive when the office team works together to develop and implement reliable protocols. Dr. Devin McClintock goes through a step-by-step process that outlines the roles of both the dentist and the assistant to achieve efficient porcelain cementation.

bisco therabase

BISCO TheraBase Case Report

Compressive strength is an essential element when it comes to having a solid base. In Dr. Mark L. Cannon's case study he uses, TheraBase, for a full caries excavation. Cannon concludes that TheraBase is an ideal component for restorations because of its multi-functioning properties.

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4 Benefits of Using a Universal Adhesive

Dental adhesives have come a long way since the first generation. Years of research and testing have resulted in the wide variety of single-bottle universal adhesives that are available today. These latest adhesives make bonding more predictable and reliable than ever before.


The Growing Thera Family

By now, we’re sure you’ve met the Thera Family: our selection of award-winning, calcium-releasing products that offer a unique array of benefits for both dentists and patients. We are excited to continue to expand this product line with the announcement of our newest material.

Bisco All-Bond Universal Light Cured Dental Adhesive Black Bottle

Spotlight: TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal

Protecting the dentin and pulp complex is of essence in restorative dentistry. See how Dr. Juan Angel Castro uses TheraCal LC and All-Bond Universal in this composite restoration.

TheraCal PT is available in an auto-mix dual-syringe and is indicated for pulpotomies.

TheraCal PT Product Review

Dr. Carla Cohn reviews TheraCal PT, the dual-cure pulpotomy material from BISCO and the newest member of the Thera Family.

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Busting Myths In Dentistry

"You CAN'T bond to zirconia!" "You shouldn't place resin directly on a pulp exposure." "Not all MDP is created equal." Ever heard some of these statements? Read our article to see these myths get BUSTED.​

Bisco Intraoral Repair Kit

The Basics of Intraoral Repair

After months of lockdown due to the pandemic, dental offices are starting to reopen and patients are returning. It’s likely many of them will have emergencies and broken restorations that will need to be repaired. Having an intraoral repair protocol and the proper materials handy will prepare your office for these incoming cases. Restorative dentistry is one of the first steps towards getting patients back to their healthy lives.

TheraCal PT is available in an auto-mix dual-syringe and is indicated for pulpotomies.

Pulpotomy Treatment for Vital Pulp Therapy

Vital pulp therapy is the treatment of the pulpal complex of a tooth affected by either caries or trauma. The goal is to treat or protect the pulpal complex, maintain vitality and comfort. In the primary dentition, vital pulp therapy includes indirect or direct pulp therapy or cap, and pulpotomy. All these procedures treat the pulpal complex while maintaining the vitality of the tooth.

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3 Essential Tips for Bonding to Zirconia

As zirconia restorations continue to grow in popularity, so do the questions about zirconia bonding. With the right knowledge and materials, zirconia crowns can last a long time.


Zirconia is Special: The Optimal Procedure for Zirconia Bonding

Zirconia-based restorations are the fastest growing segment in the North American laboratory market. Based on their aesthetics, biocompatibility, and mechanical properties, they can be used for various types of restorations, including crowns, bridges, endodontic posts, and implant abutments.


New Filler Technology Leads to a Clinical Breakthrough

Restorative dentistry is evolving and clinicians are embracing more conservative and protective materials in their practices. There is no need to unnecessarily remove tooth structure in order to generate retention due to the advancements of bonding techniques and protocols. And even though, tooth preparations need to follow certain guidelines, much can be achieved with adhesive dentistry conservatively.

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TheraCem - The Next Generation Cement

Indirect restorative materials have evolved rapidly over the past few years, providing clinicians with a variety of options to better serve their patients. However, more choices in the substrate material often result in more steps in the cementation protocol, usually with specific and additional procedures that address the peculiarities of the chosen material.

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Adhesion Dentistry 101

In 1955, Michael Buonocore, DDS docu¬mented the use of phosphoric acid to improve adhesion of resin to dental enamel. Since Dr. Buonocore’s observation, adhesion dentistry has played an important role in the evolution of dentistry. Bonding proce¬dures are performed by dentists every day, ranging from bonding orthodontic brackets to delivering stunning porcelain veneers. Because adhesion dentistry is such an indispensable part of the day to day practice of dentistry, a review of its principles w


Cutting-Edge Cementation – The Best Cement Just Got Better Introducing DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™

BISCO is proud to introduce the next advancement in adhesive cementation – DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL! With its high radiopacity, extremely simple clean-up, industry leading strength, and superior chemistry – you’ll now only need one cement for all your indirect restorations!



SELECT HV ETCH is a superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC), a known antimicrobial agent. SELECT HV ETCH is a “Universal” etchant specifically formulated for pinpoint placement on both enamel and dentin ensuring intimate enamel etching and virtually eliminating tissue clot disruption and bleeding caused by excessive etch run-off following its placement onto cervical dentin margins.

Results: 19 Articles found.