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bisco select hv etch with bac

Select HV® Etch w/BAC Bulk Syringe

Select HV Etch is a 35% high viscosity phosphoric acid etchant available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) and is designed for pin-point accuracy.

Item No: E-59160P


1 Bulk Syringe Select HV Etch w/BAC (30ml), Instructions

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Which etching techniques are Select HV Etch most suitable for?
Select HV is ideal for the selective-etch technique. Its high viscosity offers pin-point placement making it ideal for etching enamel margins, otherwise known as the selective or “hybrid” etch technique. Select HV Etch can also be used for the total-etch technique. Etching with Select HV Etch significantly improves the quality of the etch pattern and increases the bond at the enamel margin. 

How long should I etch or clean my restorations with Select HV Etch?
Dentin and enamel, or enamel only, should be etched for 15 seconds.

If using phosphoric acid as a cleaning agent on dental restorative materials: 30 seconds.

How does the “blue” color of Select HV Etch make etching easier?
Select HV Etch’s electric blue color allows for easy identification and contrast where deep color differentiation is important. The vibrant color assists clinicians in being able to see the product during placement and removal procedures.

What is BAC and what benefits does it provide?
Benzalkonium chloride (BAC) is an antimicrobial agent. When BAC is present, research confirms the development of residual bacterial inhibition zones of up to 7mm, making it effective against Streptococcus mutans.1,2


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