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BISCO Pre-Bond Resin

Pre-Bond Resin

Item No: B-2506A


1 Bottle Pre-Bond (6ml), Instructions

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Which etch technique is All-Bond 2 compatible with?
All-Bond 2 is compatible with the Total-Etch bonding technique.

What is the cure mode of All-Bond 2?
All-Bond 2 is a dual-cured adhesive material designed for use in all bonding procedures. It has a dual-cured primer that contains BISCO’s own hydrophilic monomer (BPDM).

How many coats of All-Bond 2 are required per restoration?
After mixing Primers A & B, 5 consecutive coats of All-Bond 2 must be applied to dentin and enamel. Note: Do not dry between coats.

Can All-Bond 2 be applied to wet, dry, and moist dentin and enamel?
BISCO recommends that All-Bond 2 be applied to moist dentin/enamel for optimal bonding.


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